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Welcome NI AWR Design Environment Users

This space contains general information on using NI AWR products including Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, AXIEM, Analyst, Analog Office and AntSyn.

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Tip of the Day Home
You can easily swap one element to another element while preserving as many of the parameters as possible.  

See help for more information.


As an example, see a simple schematic with a simple transmission line below.   

You then decide you would rather use an MTRACE element instead of the MLIN.     A good way to do the replacement is to select the item or items in the schematic, find the new element in the project tree, right click and select Replace Selected Element from the menu as shown below. 


The Preserve Parameters will keep as many parameters the same as it can.  The Replace Parameters option will use the default model parameters.   

After doing this command, the model in the schematic will look like below. 


This approach several advantages to just deleting the current model and adding the new one including:

  1. It will maintain as many model parameters as it can.  This is important for more complex models than the example above. 
  2. It will work for as many models are selected in the schematic/system diagram.  
  3. It will maintain the original connectivity of the circuit as long as the nodes are in the same relative location.    



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