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Welcome AWR Design Environment Users

This space contains general information on using AWR products including Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, AXIEM, Analyst, Analog Office and AntSyn.

 V15 is now available on the download page!

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Tip of the Day Home
Starting in V14, you can add multiple segments of the measure tool to get a total distance between points that is not a straight line.  

For example, see a simple square in a layout that is 10um x 10um

Previously using the measure tool, you could only measure between two points such as along an edge:

Or across a shape:

Now, when using the tool, if you hold down the Shift key, you can add multiple points to the measure tool. 

 The distance is the total distance measured and the dx and dy are from the last location click.  Use the right mouse button to undo the last segment.  



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