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Welcome NI AWR Design Environment Users

This space contains general information on using NI AWR products including Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, AXIEM, Analyst, Analog Office and AntSyn.

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The gamma probe is a way to measure impedance internal to a circuit.  This is useful for power amplifier design and is also used for stability analysis.  

Prior to version 11, the gamma probe had two forms the GPROBE and GPROBEM, symbols shown below.

Notice the extra nodes on these elements, ports had to be connected to these nodes to allow the measurements to work.   While it was valuable to get internal circuit impedances, these nodes made building hierarchical designs very difficult.   

The GPROBE2 element eliminated these nodes which allowed the same measurement results without the added complexity of extra nodes.  




If you are using the GRPOBE or GPROBE2 element, we highly recommend converting to the GPROBE2 element.   

View GPROBE2 Help

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