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Site Scripts: Developing Scripts from a Shared Network Directory

Summary: This explains how to configure AWRDE to access scripts from a network (or any) directory. Included in possible applications is development of scripts that need to be accessed through a network directory, as opposed to the script only being access through a specific project. This would be the case in collaborative script development, with multiple developers needing access to the script. The developer currently working on the script would simply export the latest stable build into the shared directory, and all developers would have instant access and could run the script from any project.


  1. Open AWRDE and navigate to Help>Show Files/Directories.


2. Scroll down to the file user.ini – this is a file that holds user configurations and preferences.

3. Right-click on the file and select “Explore”. This opens the directory that contains the user.ini file in Windows Explorer. 

4. CLOSE AWRDE. If you edit this file while AWRDE is open, the program will overwrite your changes, so make sure to close AWRDE before editing.

5. Open the user.ini file in your preferred text editor (e.g. Notepad).

6. Add the following to the end of the user.ini file, but replace the file path with the absolute file path of the directory you want to use. This can be easily done by navigating to the directory in Windows Explorer and clicking at the top where the file path is shown. The absolute path will be highlighted and then copied and pasted into the user.ini file.


7.  To ensure that this worked, open AWRDE again and navigate to Help>Show Files/Directories.

8.  Examine the Scripts folder and check to see that your location is included in addition to the default Scripts location for AWRDE.


9. Your script(s) in your added directory should now be visible in the Scripts menu, again in any project. This only applies to the current version you are using, so if you use both V12 and V13 for example, whichever AWRDE version you originally opened at the beginning is the version that this is applied to. If you want to apply to a later version you also use, and want to keep the settings the same as in your previous version, simply delete this entire folder and AWRDE will make a copy of the folder from the previous version the next time you open the later version.


Creating a Custom Name and Folder for Your Script

To add all your development scripts to a specific folder in the Scripts menu, use this process at the beginning of your scripts. This isn't necessary, but it is extremely helpful to distinguish your development scripts from the built-in scripts.

  1. If you are running everything in your Main Sub, create a new Sub with your script name and have your Main Sub only run that Sub.


2. Above your Sub Main, add a comment as shown in the image: ‘$MENU=hidden

3. Above your script Sub, add the comment as shown in the image above with the folder name under which you’d like to see your development script. In this example, the folder is named “DevScripts”. So you would add: ‘$MENU=YourFolderName. After saving your script, you'll be able to see your script in the Scripts menu under the folder you specified.

4. You can also name the script whatever you would like, using a similar format. Simply use the ‘$NAME=YourScriptName format. This name is what appears in the Scripts menu, so you can name the script anything you want that is not necessarily VBA syntax-compatible (e.g. using spaces instead of underscores in the name).





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