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    Design Sharing and Revision Control

    This video gives an introduction to the design sharing and revision control capabilities introduced  in V15 of the AWR Design Environment.  The video includes showing how to use the revision control tool to add items to revision control, share them with a second user, modify documents, commit to the repository, and then then have the original user.

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    Minimum Spacing Routing Guides

    Minimum Spacing Routing Guides assist the routing of iNets by interactively showing guides adhering to the minimum structure to structure separation rules set by the DRC rules. In addition, keep out zones are interactively displayed when trying to route an iNet that would violate the separation rules. This ensures that iNet routes are as compact as possible without violating DRC separation rules while the route is being drawn. This video demonstrates how to setup the project for minimum space routing guides as well as showing an example of iNet routing using the minimum spacing routing guides.

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    Process Dependent Units

    Starting with MWO version 15, units are tied to a specific Layout Process File (LPF). This allows hierarchical, multi-technology designs to use different units based on the technology. For instance, a hierarchical design composed of PCB and integrated circuits may have one length unit tied to the PCB and another tied to the IC. This simplifies the layout editing of each technology. Previously, the entire project was forced into a single set of units. This video demonstrates how to setup a project that will support LPF dependent units.

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    Property Grid, Variable Browser, and Drawing Layer pane of Layout Manager

    Functionalities such as searching, sorting, filtering etc. work the same way in property grid, variable browser, and layout manager.

    • Property Grid: is an efficient way of navigating and editing a list of properties, and is used for various purposes in the AWR Design Environment. The following video demonstrates the features common to most property grids.
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    Template Based Circuits and Measurements

    Template based circuits and measurements allows the ability to analyze multiple subcircuit variations and combinations from

    a single top level circuit schematic. This video demonstrates how to construct a project that enables template based circuits and measurements.

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    Transmission Line Calculator

    The transmission line calculator allows the ability to analyze and synthesize transmission line physical and electrical

    characteristics. This video demonstrates the use of the transmission line calculator.

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    V15 Graph Improvements

    This video gives an introduction to several graph improvements  in Version15 of the AWR Design Environment.  

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