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Where To Find This Example

AWR Version 14

This example was named in V14, please see Analyst_Adaptive_Mesh_Refinement

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes

AMR Example

This project compares a simple microstrip line simulated in the available Analyst (3D FEM), AXIEM (2.5D Method of Moments) and Linear (Closed Form) solvers.


Simulating this project is time-consuming. This example, with the datasets is included above for download. 


The purpose of this example is to see how changing the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) in Analyst will affect the simulation results.

This example consists of a microstrip line simulated in the Analyst, AXIEM and linear simulators. Depending on the AMR setting selected in the options for Analyst, the simulation results will vary from the AXIEM and linear simulation.


There are three different Analyst EM structures of the same microstrip line with different AMR tolerances of low, medium and high.

The AMR tolerance can be changed by right clicking on the structure and selecting Options and then going to the Analyst tab. The structure with the lowest tolerance is the closest to AXIEM and linear simulation results.

Once the Analyst simulation starts, if you look at the simulation dialog window you would see that the simulation goes through two stages. First is the Ports Only AMR which the simulator refines the mesh until a converged port solution is obtained. Second stage is the Full Solve AMR which happens after Ports Only AMR and the convergence criteria is based on the scattering matrix. If an asterisk appears next to an item, it means that that item is converged.

Simulation Plots

There are two graphs in the project. The first one shows the difference of the phase of S21 between the AXIEM structure, the 3 Analyst structures, and the schematic.


The second graph shows the weighted difference between the s-parameters of the AXIEM structure and the Analyst structures.


Refining the Solution

Once a simulation is completed, you can simulate again in a special model telling the simulator to refine the solution one more time. Right click on any Analyst EM Structure and select "Refine Solution". This will start at the previous solution saving the time it would have taken to get to start from the beginning.