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AWR Version 14

Understanding AWR .emz Files

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes

Class E Amplifier

This is a basic Class E power amplifier designed using the procedures in "RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications (Cripps/Artech), Chapter 6.


The waveforms show the typical Class E asymmetrical current pulse, and highly peaked voltage.

Tuning the drain capacitor shows a sharp tradeoff between efficiency and RF power. The PAE can approach 90%.

The RF power is nominally around 1 watt for 4.8v supply. It should be noted that the MESFET transistor used in this example has a power capability of about 3Watts if used in a conventional Class AB mode. This is the "power efficacy" issue, also discussed in the reference.

This is a good template project showing all the characteristics of the circuit that can be simulated.   

Schematic - Class_E_Amp

Schematic - Intermodulation_Tests

Graph - AM to AM

Graph - DC Current