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Where To Find This Example

AWR Version 14

Understanding AWR .emz Files

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes

DSCR File Example

This example shows a simple example of how to access DSCR data files. 


DSCR files are often used to store multiple sets of model parameters.  This example shows how to access and use DSCR files so that the model parameters can be used in Microwave Office

The first step in using a DSCR file is to import it.  Import the file by right clicking on "Data Files" and choosing "Import Data File."  Change the "File of Type" from touchstone format to DSCR files and then browse to the file and choose it.

The next step is to setup global variables that define the column index associated with each parameter.  For example, in the "ExampleDSCR" file in this project, "INDEX" is column 1, "Wafer" is column 2, "Fetid" is column 3, etc.  The global definitions for this file are already defined in this project.

The last step is to setup the model subcircuit that will utilize the DSCR data.  The example subcircuit in this project is called "FET Subcircuit" and is under the "FET Test."  In the subcircuit, there are 3 passed parameters, one for the gate width, one for the number of fingers, and one for the row of the DSCR file.

Note that there are 3 notations possible when defining variables:

            var=value assigns the variable to be equal to the "value" locally

            var<<value assigns the variable to be a passed parameter with a default value of "value."

            var: displays the current value of the variable.

Once the values have been taken from the DSCR file, they can be used directly, scaled, etc.

Simulating the design will cause the current value of the variables to be annotated on the "FET Subcircuit schematic.  You can slide the tuner to watch the IV curves change for this simulation as different device resistances are used from the DSCR file.  

FET Test Schematic

This schematic shows the how the "FET Subcircuit" schematic appears when placed in another design.

FET Subcircuit Schematic

This schematic shows how to setup and access the DSCR files - more explanation of the setup is given above in the Overview section.

Schematic - FET_Test

Schematic - FET_Subcircuit

Graph - IV