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Where To Find This Example

AWR Version 14

Understanding AWR .emz Files

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes

EM Equalizer

This example shows the analysis of an Equalizer circuit simulated with the Analyst 3D EM simulator.   


Simulating this project is time-consuming.  This example, with the datasets included, is available at:


The purpose of the project is to show the advantage of the Analyst 3D FEM simulator in which you can analyze various bond wire profiles and capacitor thicknesses without the need for a 3D CAD editor to setup the problem.   Schematic 3D layout is used to design the different bond wire profiles.  This profile is then assigned to each bond wire used in the EM simulation sweep.  The parallel plate capacitors (a finite dielectric structure) and the bond wires of this structure require the 3D EM capabilites of the Analyst simulator to solve instead of a 3D planar simulator like AXIEM.  

Equalizer EM Structure

There are sweep variables set up in the EM schematic to change the capacitance thickness and the bond wire shape.   Right click on the EM structure and select “Preview Geometry” to be able to see the geometry for all the sweep points.  This is best viewed by zooming in on one of the capacitors with the bond wires on top.

Bond_Wire_Profile Schematic

This schematic was used to design the different bond wire profiles to be simulated. Vectors of values are used to so that an index into the vector can be swept through 3 different sets of values.   With the EM structure in this project disabled, you can tune on the “ind” variable with the 3D layout of this schematic open to see the 3 different bond wire profiles.   One end of the bond wire will sit on top of a parallel plate capacitor, this is why the H2 parameter of the bond wire is set to the “cap thickness” variable.   

EM Structure - Equalizer

EM Structure 3D - Equalizer

Graph - S21 and S41

Graph - S31