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Where To Find This Example

Select Help > Open Examples... from the menus and type either the example name listed above or one of the keywords below.

Or in Version 13 or higher you can open the project directly from this page using this button. Make sure to select the Enable Guided Help before clicking this button.

Design Notes

Impedance Mismatch

This example shows the use of VSS to simulate impedance mismatch between RF blocks.

To invoke a VSS simulation that includes impedance mismatch modeling you must check Model Impedance Mismatch Effects under the RF Setting tab in Options > Default System Options or on the Options dialog box of an individual system diagram.

The project consists of two identical links built in MWO and VSS.

The Global Definitions window is used to ensure that both the schematic and system diagram have the same parameter settings.

Click Run/Stop System Simulators and Analyze to update the "VSS and MWO waveforms" graph.

The LIN_S blocks in the system diagram are used to link VSS to the corresponding MWO schematics. LIN_S imports the S parameter characteristics of the MWO circuit. Please read online help for further information on LIN_S.

The grayed out filter blocks are VSS circuit filter blocks with settings similar to the blocks in the MWO circuits. They can be toggled with the LIN_S blocks to illustrate their support for impedance mismatch modeling.

Run the simulation once with impedance mismatching checked and run again with impedance mismatching unchecked.

The online VSS Modeling Guide contains detailed information on RF modeling and impedance mismatch simulations.

System Diagram - Mismatch On

Schematic - Schematic_1

Graph - Gains

Frequency (GHz) GA(2,1) Schematic_1 C_GA(TP.Amp_Inp,TP.Amp_Out,1,0,0) Mismatch On Available Gain, Cumulative GP(2,1) Schematic_1 C_GP(TP.Amp_Inp,TP.Amp_Out,1,0,0) Mismatch On Power Gain, Cumulative
1 0.0157003 0.0158013 2.26831 2.27094
2 0.000830537 0.000835526 0.0094455 0.00946412

Graph - VSS and MWO waveforms