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Where To Find This Example

Select Help > Open Examples... from the menus and type either the example name listed above or one of the keywords below.

Or in Version 14 or higher you can open the project directly from this page using this button. Make sure to select the Enable Guided Help before clicking this button.

Design Notes

RF Cascaded Measurements

This example demonstrates the VSS RF Budget Analysis measurements.

To update all RF budget measurements click on either the Analyze or the Run/Stop System Simulators icon on the toolbar.

The system blocks in the Rx Chain system diagram include user attributes. User attribtues are displayed by elements that contain user attibutes in the system diagram after performing the Simulate > Analyze operation. The project also includes a script ("user_att_2_csv") that writes the user attributes to a csv file. Please run the script and the csv file will be written in the same directory as where the project is saved.

To learn how to set up an RF cascaded analysis measurement in VSS, please refer to chapter 12 of the "Getting Started Guide." To access the "Getting Started Guide" please select Help -> Getting Started from the tool bar.