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Where To Find This Example

AWR Version 14

This example was removed in V14.  

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes

Mean Value Calculation Example

This example shows how output equations can be used to calculate the mean value of a measurement.


The schematic shown is a simple BJT transistor. The Gain of the transistor is measured, and then the mean (or average) value of the gain is calculated between two reference points. The reference points (start and stop point for mean calculation) are defined by the user and can be tuned by simulating and opening up the tuner.

The start and stop points are displayed on the graph as circles and the mean value over the specified range is displayed on the graph as a horizontal line.

The actual setup and mean calculation can be seen on the "Output Equations" page.

NEC HBT Schematic

This schematic shows an NEC HBT transistor and bias network. The transistor bias can be adjusted by starting the tuner and tuning on "I".

Gain Graph

This graph shows S21 of the NEC HBT, the start and stop points for the mean calculation, and the mean value over the specified range.

Mean Gain

This table shows the actual mean value numerically instead of graphically.

Graph - Gain