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Where To Find This Example

AWR Version 14

This example was named in V14, please see SMA_Connector_EM_Characterization

AWR Version 13

Understanding AWR .emz Files

Design Notes


This example demonstrates the implementation of different edge mount connectors produced by the Southwest Microwave Company. The connectors are implemented using AWR built-in 3D Analyst element "SMACONFIG" on a layout board. The simulations are compared with a reference 3D SAT file (SMA.sat) provided by the manufacturer.


Simulating this project is time-consuming. This example, with the datasets included, is available at:


There are four examples of standard Southwest connector inner diameter pin sizes modeled using the 3D Analyst element SMACONFIG, each with a different Inner Diameter parameter: 9 mil, 12 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil. The names of the Analyst EM Structures match the values appropriately.

SAT File Import

The EM Structure SouthWest20mil_3D is included for comparison between responses of SMACONFIG and original Southwest Connector. SouthWest20mil_3D is created from a 3D SAT file provided by the manufacturer. The connector SAT file is modeled with a reference plane starting at the main body of the connector. Notice that there are no lower ground tabs in the original SAT file.



The four SMA versions are simulated over a board and the Thru Loss response is observed. The SAT file is also simulated with the same board.



Thru Loss Individual Graph

This graph displays the Thru Loss (S21) on the left y-axis and the Return Loss (S11) on the right y-axis of each individual Analyst EM Structure. This allows an easy comparison of the performance of each Southwest Connector example.



Southwest Pin Dimensions: