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This test bench project shows a one tone swept frequency for power amplifiers at P1dB output power level. XDB element, which controls the simulation can be changed to be any amount of compression (not just 1 dB).

This test bench includes:


  • PA_One_Tone_Sweep_Freq_P1dB_Display - embeds all graphs into one display.

  • PA_One_Tone_Sweep_Freq_P1dB - the test bench setup.  Includes notes on where to change settings specific to your design.



Output Equations

  • PA_One_Tone_Sweep_Freq_P1dB - equations used to calculate the total harmonic distortion.  

Project Folders

  • PA_One_Tone_Sweep_Freq_P1dB - Folder containing all the schematics, graphs and equations for this project.

Importing the Test Bench