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When purchasing a computer for remote EM simulation, you should purchase a "workstation-class" machine and not a "server-class" one. Workstations (such as the Dell Precision family) are designed for high performance computing applications, typically using extremely fast processors, storage, and RAM. Servers (such as the Dell PowerEdge family), on the other hand, are designed more for high availability, large storage capacity, and high multi-user performance, usually with slower (but more) processor cores. These are all good things for servers to have, but for the NI AWR Design Environment's purposes, money and effort would be better spent on the higher straight-line performance of workstations.

AWR recommends:

  • 128 GB of RAM
  • Fast 4- or 8-core CPU
    • (as of Apr 2017, this might be an Intel Xeon E5-1600 series in the 3.0-4.0 GHz range)


If you are looking for recommendations for end user systems, please see this page,