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Information and contacts for the following third party vendor libraries.


  •  Modelithics
  • Ampleon (formerly NXP)
  • CREE
  • TDK



  • The Modelithics select library is available from the AWR downloads page under the Vendor Libraries Tab.



  • Cree has developed nonlinear GaN models for AWR. Please download Cree_Portal_LS_Models.pdf for details on how to get access to these models.


  •  TDK has developed a library of models for the AWR design environment for their Ferrite Beads, Common-mode Filters, Inductors (Coils), Capacitors, and Varistors. Currently, these libraries are only available from the TDK website at .

    Please be sure to also view the "How to use" link that explains how to get the library ready to use with the AWR software.