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For V13.03 and earlier



Tuner Display - Locating subcircuit parameters for each tuning variable. In the tuner display, the elements in different subcircuits appear to have the same ID because the subcircuit name associated with the element is not displayed in the tuning slider panel. This makes it hard to know which one you are tuning.

For example, lets say you have a schematic named "one" with a single inductor set to tune as shown below.

and have another identical schematic with a single inductor with ID=L1. If you tune on both inductors the tuner will display as shown below.

Notice that just looking at the tuner, you cannot tell which inductor is which.


If you move the cursor over the parameter name for the variable and wait a few seconds, you will see a tooltip box showing the full schematic name to which this parameter belongs. From the example above, see that the schematic name "one" is prepending the element ID and the parameter being tuned in the tooltip.  The syntax is Source Name → Element ID:Parameter.