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First, save your new license file in any folder where you are permitted; e.g. anywhere under your Documents folder. (Replace the old license file if you are updating it.) Then start the AWR Design Environment. If a license file has not previously been configured, you will see this message:

Click OK to see the AWR License Configuration dialog box. Then follow the steps below to configure your license file:

  • In the AWR License Configuration dialog box click the Set Location button.

  • If you see an additional dialog box, asking you to allow the necessary changes, click OK. The Select License File dialog box will be displayed. Click the Browse button to search for the license file, then click OK when finished.

Click Close to dismiss the AWR License Configuration dialog box. Start the AWR Design Environment again, and the newly configured license will be used.

You can always verify that the AWRDE is finding your proper license file. See How do I know which license AWRDE is trying to use? for more information.

If you are using either Windows Vista or Windows 7, see What should I be aware of when trying to run AWR software on a Windows Vista or Window 7 machine?

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