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Flexera is phasing out HASP4 dongles and transitioning solely to HASP HL and HASP HL (SRM) dongles.  The Flexera documentation in the driver installation guide for Flex 11.14 for dongles specifies:  

"The older 'HASP4' revision of the FLEXID9 dongle is shortly to be end-of-life, and may not be supported in upcoming versions of FNP. Flexera recommends replacing these older dongles with the newer 'Sentinel HL Pro' revision."

Because AWR does not know ahead of time when Flexera will drop support for the HASP4 dongles, AWRDE V13 is the last version that will support HASP4 dongles. This transition period allows customers time to replace dongles before Flexera drops support with no warning.  We recommend that all AWR customers using dongles ensure that they have HASP HL dongles.  

AWR customers still using a HASP4 dongle will need to purchase a new HASP HL dongle to continue using a dongle after V13.

How can I tell what type of dongle I have?

Using the Check Dongle Type Script

This script is available in V13.02 or greater.  Details on how to run it can be found here: Check Dongle Type

Visual Inspection

The photo below is directly out of the driver installation guide for flex 11.14.0 and illustrates what the different dongles look like:

Using the Device Manger

If it is difficult to tell which version a dongle is visually it is also possible to to tell in the Device Manager as well.

  1. Open the Device Manager in Control Panel
  2. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers node
  3. Ensure only the dongle of interest is plugged in.
  4. Look for SafeNet Inc. devices.  There will most likely be multiple entries even with the single device plugged in.
  5. HL devices will have "HL" in the device name, HASP4 devices will not.

Device manager entries for a HASP HL device:

Device manager entries for a HASP4 device:

To upgrade to a new dongle

Please contact your local sales representative.  To find your local sales representative contact info, visit this page: