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The following sections describe network problems you might encounter while using a floating license. This information applies to floating licenses only; you should never lose contact to your local locked license file.

License server goes down or connection to license server is lost while running AWRDE

If the license server goes down while running the AWRDE, the application continues running for several minutes until it notices it cannot communicate with the server. At that point, the AWRDE:

  • Disables all functionality except saving.

  • Displays the following message:

    Connection to the license server has been lost.
    Functionality will be limited to Saving and Exiting until the 
    connection is restored.
    Allow at least 30 seconds for connection to be reestablished 
    once the problem has been resolved.
  • When the server restarts, reconnects to the server, reclaims the license, and restores functionality. If the server comes back up and no license is available (others have already checked them out) then it will appear to an AWRDE user that the server has not restarted. This may be confusing, and the message above will remain until you can actually check out a new license.

During a license disconnect you can continue to use the software, but you can't see what you are doing. For example, if you had items selected for deletion and then pressed Delete after you lost the license, the items are still deleted. As a precaution, you should only perform a Save operation until the license is restored.

FLEXlm TIMEOUT feature

AWR has not implemented the flexlm feature to detect the inactivity and return the license.

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