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It is possible to get licensing errors for a variety of reasons. One way is if feature XEM-xxx is not included in your license file or if you have not configured the software to use your license file. See the Related Articles below for more information on these cases.

Another situation is when a solver, only available in a specific AXIEM feature set, is used to create an AXIEM structure and the project saved. If the project is reopened using a different AXIEM feature set and the solver is not available for use, you would get the following error message:

Contact your local sales representative if you are interested getting more information about specific AXIEM solvers.

How do I know which license AWRDE is trying to use?

How do I Determine Who Has Floating License Features Checked Out?

No such feature exists

We just added more features for the AWRDE, why don't they seem to work?

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