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On each version of Windows the firewall settings are different, however the goal is the same. You must either turn off the Windows firewall on your server machine to allow the client machine to access FLEXlm on that machine, or you must configure the firewall to allow connections to the server through the firewall.

If you leave the firewall enabled you need to configure the exceptions as follows, while the firewall is turned off:

  1. On the server machine, enable the port number that is specified in the license file.

  2. Add the lmgrd.exe and awrd.exe files (or awr.exe file for version 6.53 or earlier) to the approved list so the Security Configuration Wizard recognizes them as allowed applications.

  3. There are 3 distinct firewalls on Windows PCs and servers - one governed by a "Domain" profile, one by a "Private" profile, and one by a "Public" profile. These need to be turned off for lmgrd.exe and awrd.exe (or awr.exe) in order for client to checkout the license.

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