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The AWRDE warns you when your license file is set to expire, as shown in the following figure.

You can control how many days prior to your license expiration date that this warning displays. To set this warning time:

  1. Browse to your user.ini file by choosing Help > Show Files/Directories. In the Directories dialog box, scroll to the user.ini file and double-click it to open the file in your default text editor.

  2. Search the file for the [License] entry.

  3. If you find this entry in the file, add the following line:


    where the value is the number of days before your license expiration date you want to be warned. You can enter 0 if you prefer.

  4. If you don't find a [License] entry in the file, you can add this section as follows and change the WarningPeriod to the value you prefer.

  5. Save the file.

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