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When AWR does not start, an AWR License Configuration dialog box displays.

  • Click the View Status button to open the license_status.txt file in your default text editor.


  • The file displays information similar to the following:


To troubleshoot licensing issues, please send the following to

Subject: AWR Design Environment License Issue

Before sending an e-mail, please check the Troubleshooting Guide at  
The majority of licensing issues are covered here, so you can expedite your 
problem-solving by checking its contents first.  AWR Support personnel also 
reference this guide, so if your issue is already addressed they may respond with 
a link to the same material.

I want to report a licensing issue in my AWR Software installation.

My name is: 
My company is: 
My phone number is: 

Other than the troubleshooting information below, please include any additional 
helpful information or comments in the space below:

My HostID is: 0123456789ab
I have installed version: 10.0 full build 5920 Rev1 (63985)

Troubleshooting information (generated Fri Feb 24 16:09:31 2012):

Package: AWR Design Environment 10 BAD () SN:
Type: No License
Status: 0 day remain out of 0
Build: 5920
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
HostID: MAC: '0123456789ab', DSN: 'DISK_SERIAL_NUM=01234567', Flex9: '(none)', 
Flex8: '(none)', Flex7: '(none)


Primary File=C:\Program Files\AWR\license\awrd.lic

AWRD_LICENSE_FILE=C:\Program Files\AWR\license\awrd.lic



Default=(not set)

Last message:

  • You can save this information to a file or copy it to the Windows Clipboard.
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