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AWR software is beginning to migrate to the site for download and license generation.  The transition will take time and will not impact all customers immediately.    Visit this page periodically to understand the current state of software and license delivery. 


If you are used to Cadence systems and downloads, the main AWR software installers are now available from the Cadence downloads page.   

  • If you want or need to download form Cadence's website, you need to generate a support account.  You will be linked up to your account through the Host ID of the license server you are using, so make sure to have that handy.  You might have to contact your license administrator to get the Host ID.   Please see AWR Customers and the Cadence Website for details on registering on the Cadence website.  
  • If you historically got software downloads from the AWR download site, you can continue to get your downloads that way for now.

If you are looking for the licensing utilities for floating license servers, those are available here:   Where can I get the latest FLEXLM utilities for the AWRDE


Licensing is a bit more complicated.  

  • Both term customers and customers on maintenance from a purchase that are using a floating license will get licenses delivered from Cadence for new orders.  If you need an updated license file, please email  Note: licenses in Cadence systems are tied to the Host ID of the floating license server, so having the Host ID will help.  Additionally, each Host ID has a set of contacts assigned to each Host ID, so knowing who those contacts are will help as well.   If you are used to the structure of AWR license files, please see the following article on how the license files will be different:  How is a Cadence license different from an AWR one
  • All other customers will have their licenses issued from the legacy AWR licensing system.  These would primarily be customers using locked licenses or off maintenance who need a new license file.   Please contact for any issues or requests you have.   

If you are not sure about your product type, you can use the AWR download page information to help you.  Please follow the directions below. 

  1. Log into the AWR download site using your AWR username and password.
  2. Go to your Account Information, as shown below. 

  3. Go to the bottom of the page and look for the Product Details section.

  4. Look for the Version column and the License Type column.   

  5. If Version is "15.0" and the License Type is "Floating", your license will come from Cadence systems.  Otherwise your license will come from AWR systems.  If you have both, you will get two licenses that will need to be combined into one file using a text editor.  Edit the Cadence file and copy the lines that begin with INCREMENT from the AWR issued file.  If a copied line ends with a slash ( / ), copy the next line as well.  Do not copy the SERVER and DAEMON lines.   

    Currently licenses are using the AWR licensing daemons and this will change in the next few months to the Cadence licensing daemons.

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