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After you get your license_status.txt file (Instructions here ) it can be difficult to decipher what the different sections mean.

Below is the meaningful content of a sample license_status.txt file. Anything above "My Host ID is" is not of value so it has not been included. The important parts for license troubleshooting have been bolded.

My HostID is: "d8fffffff2f3 dafffffff2f2 34e6ffffff98 d8fffffff2f6 d8fffffff2f2"
I have installed version: 12.03b full build 7685 Rev1 (97619)

Troubleshooting information (generated Mon Mar 07 14:18:19 2016):

Package: NI AWR Design Environment Full (MWO-228, VSS-350) SN:170
Type: Standard License
Status: 50 days remain out of 365
Build: 7685
OS: Microsoft  (build 10586)
HostID: MAC: '"d8fffffff2f3 dafffffff2f2 34e6ffffff98 d8fffffff2f6 d8fffffff2f2"', DSN: 'DISK_SERIAL_NUM=300959ff', Flex9: 'FLEXID=9-08f2e9d8', Flex8: '" d8fffffff2f3 dafffffff2f2 34e6ffffff98 d8fffffff2f6 d8fffffff2f2"', Flex7: '(none)

Features=MWO-228, VSS-350 




Last message: (none) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The first section, My Host ID is , lists the available Ethernet (MAC) addresses on the machine. Typically, a node locked license file will be tied to one of these.

Next, Status: will list the remaining days of a valid license file. The value will be 0 for expired license files or if the configuration is incorrect. If status does not display a number of days remaining, this means the software will not run with the current license configuration.

The important section following status is a comprehensive list of the available Host ID's. These include the MAC addresses ( HOSTID: MAC: ), the disk serial number ( DSN: 'DISK_SERIAL_NUM=' ), or any Flex dongles (e.g. Flex9: ).

Features lists the features requested when the software was started. These may have been hard-coded into the shortcut used to start the program, or they may have been selected from the Select License Features dialog box.

AWRD_LICENSE_FILE is where the software is looking for a license file or server. If this path is not what you expected, you can set this by clicking Set Location on the License Configuration Dialog .

Finally, Last Message will indicate the issue if there is a licensing configuration problem. For example, when you are using a license that is not for your computer:

   Last message:

Invalid host.
 The hostid of this system does not match the hostid
 specified in the license file.
Feature:       MWO_225
Hostid:        DISK_SERIAL_NUM=300959fd
License path:  C:\Users\MyName\Dropbox\AWR\License\main\awrd.lic;
FlexNet Licensing error:-9,57
For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,
available at "".

In this case the license file is looking for a DISK_SERIAL_NUM with the value 300959fd, which does not exist on the current system.

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