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Each license server uses multiple ports. One is the main communication port which lmgrd uses and is set as the fourth argument on the server line: SERVER SERVER_NAME SERVER_HOST_ID SERVER_PORT 

There is also one port per vendor daemon started. In a typical AWR license file there is always at least one daemon (awrd or awr) but there may be several others if you have third-party products.

The ports for the vendor daemons are normally not specified, and lmgrd selects ports for each vendor daemon somewhat randomly. Unfortunately, if you try to open holes in a firewall to allow access to these ports, it is inconvenient for these ports to change when lmgrd is restarted.

Because of this difficulty, FLEXlm allows you to specify the port number for the vendor daemons on the vendor daemon line as the fourth argument after the path to the daemon. For example, the default DAEMON line used by AWR is:


To specify a port of 27010 for the awrd daemon you change this line to:

DAEMON awrd c:\awr_flex\awrd.exe PORT=27010

where the third argument is the path to the awrd.exe daemon on your machine.


A full example license header might look something like:

#Floating License Server
SERVER server_name abcdef123456 27007
DAEMON awrd C:\awr_flex\awrd.exe PORT=27008



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