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Some technologies require shapes with no sharp corners. This article describes the various ways to chamfer or fillet shapes. 

Shape Modifier

The layer corner layer modifier can add chamfers or fillets to an entire layout.   Find this layer modifier under Draw > Parameterized Modifiers > Layer Corner.    This modifier is done per layer, see the example below of two shapes on the Gatepad layer.   

This modifier does not permanently modify the shapes.   The modifications occur when the layout is used through hierarchy, exported,  or copied to EM through the extraction flow.  


Edit Selected Shapes

The Modify Corners command will add chamfers or fillets to selected shapes in layout.  Find this command under Draw > Modify Shapes > Modify Corners.  The dialog gives you various options on how to modify the shapes.    With the two shapes selected and the command run with the default settings, the resulting layout looks like below.  

Notice that each shape was modified independently.  To get a similar result as before, you would need to boolean the shapes together and then run the command.  

This command permanently changes the shapes.  The commands can be undone in the same session or can be undone per vertex (see below).  


Edit Selected Vertices

Starting in V14, the  Edit Points command can add chamfers or fillets per corner.   Select the shape, right-click, and select Edit Points.     Then select the vertex to be edited.  Below shows the upper right vertex selected.


Right-click and select Add Fillet/Chamfer.

A dialog will open for the options.  Using the default options, the shape will look like below.  

You can also remove chamfers or fillets added per shape or per vertex.   Select the shape, right-click, and select Edit Points.  Then select the multiple points that define the chamfer. 

Right-click and select Remove Fillet/Chamfer.

Running the command removes the chamfer.