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The NI AWR Design Environment vendor libraries are available in the project tree as shown below.


For many of the libraries, there are parts in a series that designers would like to tune or optimize over the parts in the library.  The libraries can be parameterized either by creating MDIF files or parametreizing the library.

For example see, the Coilcraft library for RF Inductors.   If you click on the 0201DS node, all the parts in that series display in the lower pane and each individual part can be added to a schematic.

However, if you click one node up, the "Data" node,the lower pain will list each series of parts. 


When you use the part, the model is parameterized over the elements in the lower level folder.  In this example the parameter "Inductance" in parameterized.  


If you find a library that is not parameterized, please contact your support representative to request that be updated.