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Easily Edit Graph Axis Limits and Steps

Start in the AWRDE V14 release, you could easily update graph titles, Easily Edit Graph Titles.  

Starting in V15, this capability is extended to graph axis limits and minor axis steps.  

For example, see the rectangular graph below.  

Double-click directly over the graph y-axis minimuim value, -40 in this case. 

A text edit box will display around the value and the cursor will be inserted where you clicked.  

When you are done editing, type Enter or click outside the title area to complete the edit operation.   Notice the y-axis minimum value is now changed, in this example changed to -30

The same edits can be done for the maximum value of the axis as well as settings for the x-axis.   

To change the grid step, edit the 2nd value from the minimum to the value that the step should be from the minimum value.  

For example, from the above graph, if the value -25 is double clicked as shown below. 

When this value is changed to -28, the graph will change the y-axis grid spacing to be 2 dB as shown below.   

You can reset the axis settings easily by right clicking over any area on the graph and select Restore Axis Settings.  

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