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Today's Tip of the Day

iCell Layout Syntax

Have you ever wondered what the $ means at the end of a distributed model name?   It means that some or all of the parameters of the models are setup to get their values from the models connected to it.    

For example, see this simple schematic and layout. 


Notice the MTEE$ model has no visible parameters for the 3 widths of the MTEE.    When you change the width of a line connecting to it, the MTEE will automatically adjust its parameters to match as shown below.  


The reason is the iCell syntax used in this model.  If you edit the model parameters of the MTEE$ (and view the secondary parameters), you will see....

Notice the syntax used.   The W1 parameter is set to "W@1" which means to use the value of the "W" parameter for the model connected at node 1.    

The models ending in $ have this syntax setup for you but you can use this syntax anywhere you like.   You also might need to edit this syntax sometimes.   If a coupled line model with two widths were attached to the MTEE, there would be no "W" parameter, but there would be "W1" or "W2".  In this case, you could edit the model parameters to get the correct model parameter connected to a node.    

Use the link below to get more help on using this syntax in your design.  

See iCell Help






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