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    Auto Search Markers

    This video demonstrates the use of the Auto Search marker capabilities.

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    Creating Shapes Using Line Types

    This video demonstrates how to draw shapes using Line Types.

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    EM Ports Through Hierarchy

    This video demonstrates how to automatically add EM ports to EM subcircuits.

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    iFilter Synthesis Overview

    This video is a quick overview of the high level capabilities of the iFilter Synthesis wizard, including adding transmission zeros at specific frequencies, extracting filter elements, and performing transformations on those elements.

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    Load Pull Measurements

    This video is intended to walk users through setting up measurements on already obtained load pull data.  It includes setting up contours, using markers to index load pull data, aligning contours to a specific performance metric, discusses the different types of load pull measurements, and shows the Load Pull FAQ for further reference on the different types of measurements.

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    Load Pull Overview

    This video gives a high level understanding all of the load pull capabilities in the NI AWR Design Environment.  If you are new to load pull or are interested in learning what capabilities we have, this video is for you. 

    If you want to learn how to run load pull, watch this video: Running Load Pull

    Once you've run load pull, understand the measurement classification by watching this video: Load Pull Measurements

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    Running Load Pull

    This video walks users through setting up a load pull simulation in the AWR Design Environment from generating the load pull template, setting up the load pull options, selecting the impedances, and simulating.

    This video mentions a second video on Load Pull Measurements.

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