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The AWR Design Environment API is implemented as a Component Object Model (COM) Automation-compliant API. This allows the AWR Design Environment application to act as a COM Automation Server whose object model can be controlled from any programming language (such as Visual C++) or scripting engine (such as Visual Basic, Java Script or Perl) that can act as an COM Automation Client, providing you with unlimited ways to extend the capabilities of AWR Design Environment. It allows you to create scripts to do things such as automate complex tasks, and author wizards to do things such as implement add-on tools. Scripts appear in a menu on the main window and Wizards appear as a group in the AWR Design Environment design environment's Project View.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to use the script editor built right into the AWR Design Environment. Figure 1 shows the the location of the toolbar button which opens the built-in scripting environment.

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Figure 1: Scripting Editor Toolbar Button

The scripting environment provides a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for script development right in AWR DE. Pressing the scripting editor button will bring up the IDE window shown in Figure 2.

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Figure 2: Scripting Editor Window


To run this script press the run button on the tool bar which looks like the play button on a VCR or tape recorder.

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Figure 3: Run toolbar button just below the Help menu item.