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NI AWR's Script Development Environment (SDE) allows you to create and execute macros and utilities to automate complex tasks from within the NI AWRDE. The SDE supports scripting in Visual Basic , and includes syntax highlighting and powerful debugging capabilities.


ProjectScript Project Browser (or simply, Project Browser). Allows you to create scripts to automate tasks within the NI AWRDE. The scripts display as two subnodes. The first subnode, Global, contains global modules. The second subnode, Untiltled  Untitled Project.emp, contains project-specific modules also called local modules.
MenusA set of menus: FileEditViewInsertDebugRun and Help , and Help.Most  Most of the menu choices and commands are also available as buttons on the toolbar.
Script workspaceThe area in which you design, run, and debug scripts.
Immediate/Watch/Stack windowThe area in which you can print the results of a running script and watch the value of the variables during the debugging process.
Toolbars (Standard, Debug, and Edit)A row of buttons that provides shortcuts for editing, running, and debugging scripts; creating new Code Modules; accessing VBA Object Browser Help; adding available references to a Project; and for accessing Immediate, Watch and Quick Watch Windows.To view a tooltip for a particular toolbar command, pass the cursor over the button.


If you want to reference subroutines or functions in other *.bas files, there are several options. This can be a good way to track common groups of code you want to reuse and easily update. 

Stand-Alone File on Disk

To reference subroutines and functions in a stand-alone file

Use the following in your script:


The path to the file can be an absolute path or a path relative to the NI AWR Project file in which you are working.  The disadvantage of this approach is that you cannot debug into any referenced functions.

Another Script Loaded in the SDE

To reference subroutines and functions in another script loaded in the SDE for that type (Global or Project)

using Use the following in your script: