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The attached white paper gives more information on the model and its operation in Microwave Office. Based on the attached referenced paper by Dr. Steve Maas, a warning message may appear telling the user about a fixup FIXUP taken:

Warning: Model does not pinch off properly; standard fixup taken"


There is a switch that enables/disables this fixupFIXUP parameter. By default this fixup FIXUP is enabled. The user may elect to disable this fixupFIXUP, however, convergence issues may appear due to some inadequate polynomial values (A0, A1, etc). A benefit of disabling this fixup FIXUP is that simulation results will now have better correlation with those of ADS model, while assuming the model converges. To enable/ disable the A1 parameter, double click on the Curtice Cubic Element to bring up its properties, click on Show Secondary in the bottom right hand corner of the dialog and scroll down to the bottom of the resulting list. The fixup FIXUP switch is the last parameter in the list.


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