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This is highly dependent on which simulator you are using, but some general guidelines are below.

Analyst32 GB128 GB256 GB

Buy "workstation-class" machines/processors instead of "server-class" machines/processors

When purchasing a computer for remote EM simulation, you should purchase a machine with a "workstation-class" processor (i.e. the latest intel i7 or i9) and not a "server-class" process (i.e. intel Xeon).  Above four cores or so, due to the imperfect scaling of simulators with the number of cores it is better to prioritize clock rate over the number of cores.  Server-class processors typically have higher core count, lower clock rate, cores and thus typically do not perform as well as workstation-class processors do for the same problem.  The only exception to this guideline is that you need to have enough RAM to run the problem.  It is common that server-class processors can handle more RAM than workstation-class processors.  

AWR Example Build

  • 128 GB of RAM
  • Intel 9700K