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AWR has created a script to combine load pull files (AWR A/B wave format) for just this occasion.  The Combine Load Pull Files script can be found in the project in the downloads section of this page.  The script is contained in the project Combine_Load_Pull_Files.emp and can be run from the scripts menu (Scripts > Load Pull > Combine Load Pull Files).

The project illustrates a combined load pull file from four separate load pull files where frequency and bias were manually swept.  These files are combined into a single load pull file and the resulting file is then compared to the original files to ensure that is was combined properly.  

If the load pull file is not in AWR A/B wave format, we do have a utility to Import Load Pull Files which does convert some types of non-AWR file formats to AWR formats.  If the file type is not in the supported conversion list and is imported directly, please contact your load pull equipment vendor to ask them about directly supporting AWR Load Pull formatted load pull files.

Combining Load Pull Files