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This section will cover coding a script to create the same circuit as in the linear chapter of the Microwave Office getting started guide. In general, this will work through the various steps of generating the filter.   Each step will be a function or subroutine in the Sub Main.  The guide will show you how to change the Sub Main and then just the code to implement that function or subroutine.   This organization will make showing the code changes at each step simpler.   

Note: The code you type is case sensitive.  When using the built-in functions, the case is fixed for you. Where this can be problematic is with subroutine or function names.   

Create a New Project

Either start a new project or select File > New Project. Then save the project with the name ScriptFilter.emp.   


Notice the optimization step is coming before after arranging the windows, so we have a reasonable window arrangement while watching the optimization happen.