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Step 3. Setup Your Floating License Server

Please see the Installation Guide for setting up a floating license server, Floating License Server Directions in the section Installing the FLEXlm Server.

Below are a few steps that will help configure the license files issued from Cadence.

  1. Also get Get the file "cdslmd.exe" included in step 2 and put with the other files listed.
  2. In the file, for the line "DAEMON cdslmd ./cdslmd", if the file "cdslmd.exe" is in the same directory as the license file, you can delete the ./cdslmd portion. If not, change this to be the absolute path to the cdslmd.exe file.
  3. The same is true for the "DAEMON awrd ./awrd" line, as described in item 2.
  4. The guide describes a port number of 27007. Cadence floating license files default to 5280.