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Note that the modulation index (modulator) and P1dB (amplifier) parameters are set to be tunable.  Adjust these values and look at the change in waveforms.  Note that the default settings produce some clipping in the amplifier, which is visible in the "Amplifier Output" and "Demodulated Signal" graphs.  If you adjust the P1dB setting of the amplifier, you can significantly impact this clipping.


The Y axis in the graphs is in the same units as the amplitude parameters in SIN_R and SIN_C.  In this case, the unit is Volts.  You can specify the power of an AM signal as a function of the modulating signal power (Pm) as follows:

            Pc = 0.5 (a^2 + b^2 * Pm)


            Amplitude SIN_R = 1

For the modulation index, 0.8 = 80%.  Use the tuner to adjust it in the circuit and its definition will be obvious.

System Diagram - System Diagram 1