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If the LPINT measurement shows "bad" results the cause is often that the load pull data is not very complete at high drive levels and, thus, LPINT is extrapolating outside of the remaining gamma sweep range. This is an extension of the reduced contour area case descibed in the question above.

The above image has poor data above 49 dBm. If you plot Pload against its index you will notice that the a lot of the traces are not converging for the higher input powers.

Another way to diagnose this is to plot the gamma grid (G_LPGG) or convex hull (G_LPCH) at those power levels to see the reduced grid and that the matching network is now outside of the network, or simply use G_LPGPM and tune the power levels. For the above case look at the below gamma points low and high power levels and the subsequent match.

Low Power Level Gamma Points

 High Power Levels

How do I


choose the desired intermodulation component for two tone load pull



A two tone load pull simulation will create a two tone load pull file that includes a Harm Info comment section like the image below: