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Equation Title and Border

Starting in V15, you can add a border and title to an equation.  Customers would many times draw text and a polygon near a set of equations to accomplish the same thing.  This became a problem when trying to copy or move the equation along with the title and border.   Now this is all contained in the equation object.    This features goes along great with creating multi-line equations.   

For example, lets create an equation to store the bias of a circuit.   With a schematic the active window, select Schematic > Add Equation or use the Ctrl-E hotkey.   Then use the mouse to set the equation location.   In this example first type "VCC=6".  Then hold down the Shift key and Enter to add a new line. Type "Vbe=12" and Enter to finish entering the equation. Now there is a multi-line equation as shown below.  

Next, right click on the equation and select Group Properties to see the dialog below. 

Click both options and then the OK button.   The equations then display like below. 

A border is drawn around the equations and a default title is added.  Double click on the title and type in your equation title.    

Now you have one object that can easily be moved, copied, deleted, etc.    

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