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This space contains general information on using AWR products including Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, AXIEM, Analyst, Analog Office and AntSyn.

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Starting in version 15, you can synthesize transmission line physical parameters from electrical characteristics.   

To demonstrate, see a simple open stub circuit.  The frequency at which the stub is 90 degrees will result in a short circuit in the S(2,1) response.   

From this geometry this short is occurring at about 5 GHz. 

Right click on the MLIN element in the stub (ID=TL6) in this example and select Synthesize to display the following dialog. 

For the example, we want to center the short at 8 GHz.   The form is filled out as follows, note that for the Physical column, the Freq parameter is set to 8 GHz and the parameter is selected to synthesize.  On the Electrical side the EL parameter is selected as the synthesis target to achieve.  

Clicking the Left arrow will then calculate a new value for L as shown below.  

Clicking the OK button will change the parameters of the line selected.    Notice the line length changed to be approximately 200 mils

And sure enough the open circuit response shifted to 8 GHz.  

Note, the short isn't exactly at 8 GHz due to parasitics introduced by the MOPEN and MTEE elements. If you removed those models, the not would be exactly at 8 GHz.


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