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 Function awrGetActiveSchematic As Schematic
  Dim sch As Schematic
  Dim w As Window
  If Not (Project.Schematics Is Nothing) And Not (Project.Schematics.ActiveSchematic Is Nothing) Then
    Set sch = Project.Schematics.ActiveSchematic
    ' unfortunately this does not tell us if the active window is a schematic or a layout.  ActiveSchematic will
    ' return the schematic for a layout if a layout window is active so we need to make sure the active window
    ' is actually a schematic
    For Each w In sch.Windows
      If w.Active=True And w.Type<>mwWT_Schematic Then
        'active window is not a schematic
        Set sch=Nothing
      End If
    Next w

    If Not (sch Is Nothing)  Then
      Set awrGetActiveSchematic = sch
    End If
  End If
End Function