When debugging hardware key issues, you should verify that your computer is recognizing your hardware key separate from using the AWR software. There are two ways you can check for this, as follows.


  1. You can get the LMTOOLS program here:  Where can I get the latest FLEXLM utilities for the AWRDE?

  2. Double-click LMTools.exe to open the LMTOOLS program.

  3. Click the System Settings tab and find the FLEXID field. If your hardware key number displays here your computer is recognizing the key.

Using the license_status.txt file

  1. Follow the directions for How to get your license_status.txt file

  2. In the file, find the line beginning with HostID:

    HostID: MAC: '0123456789ab', DSN: 'DISK_SERIAL_NUM=01234567', Flex9=9-01234567',
              Flex8: '(none)', Flex7: '(none)
  3. If you see a 10-digit number after "Flex9:" starting with "9-", then the hardware key is being recognized by the computer.