If any of the following apply:

  • you are using a hardware key and need to change keys, or switch to a USB wireless adapter instead.
  • you are an evaluator and need a different evaluation license.
  • you have any questions or concerns about transferring a license.

please contact your regional sales manager, AWR sales representative.

If you are a university student in our preferred university program, you can generate updated licenses here: https://awrcorp.com/register/customer.aspx?univ

There are three types of AWR product licenses: node-locked, floating, and hardware lock (with a separate FLEXID security device). Node-locked and floating product licenses are made for a specific computer's unique HostID (i.e. MAC address or disk serial number), or for the MAC address of a USB wireless adapter connected to the computer. For floating licenses, the HostID is that of the license server. To transfer a node-locked or floating product license to a different HostID, you must:

  1. Have a current maintenance contract with AWR.

  2. Get the Host ID of new machine. Getting your Host ID.

  3. Contact your AWR sales representative to discuss the next steps. AWR sales representative.

Wireless adapters and hardware keys can easily be moved to another computer by: attaching them to the new PC, installing AWRDE and the driver for the adapter or hardware key, and copying the license file to the new PC and configuring it.  Wireless adapters have their own driver software.  See How to install hardware key drivers for more details on setting up hardware keys.