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Why do the Murata capacitors and inductors not simulate correctly in HSPICE?


The solution described below only applies to AWRDE Version 14 and older. As of AWRDE Version 15, HSPICE is no longer a feature.

The Murata capacitors and inductors use frequency dependent resistors and inductors in their models. This frequency dependence is difficult to account for in HSPICE,  which currently uses a single frequency when generating the HSPICE netlist.

The solution is to first use the Murata parts in AWR to generate an output s-parameter file. Then import the s-parameter file back into AWR and use that in any schematic that is being used for HSPICE simulation. The software will accurately take the s-parameters into HSPICE.

Please see the attached project to see these issues.


Murata for Hspice