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Get the Software

V14 is available for download from the Downloads site.

What's New in V14?

Test Drive the New Features

The best way to learn a new feature is to see it in action. Use active content to learn about new features and capabilities of the AWR Design Environment in the V14 What's New Playground.

Read about the New Features

Read the comprehensive What's New document. This guide also ships in the software (Help > What's New).

Important Announcements

V14 requires new license daemons for floating license servers. If you are using a floating license server, you can get the latest daemons here: Flex Utilities

V14 will be the last version to support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

HASP4 dongles will no longer be supported after V13. If you use a dongle with your license please see the page below for more information: HASP4 No Longer Supported After V13

You will need tokens (TOK-100) in your floating license file to run remote EM simulations. If running into problems, please contact our technical support.

Learn About the Key Features

Learn all about the V14 Key Features by clicking the link above.

See all V14 Features

V14 Tips of the Day

Explore all of the V14 specific tips of the day by clicking the link above.

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