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What is the Gerber file format used by the AWR Design Environment?


There are many features of the Gerber RS-274X format. The features of RS-274X used by Microwave Office are the G36 and G37 commands, called a polygon fill. With these commands, the vertices of each polygon are specified. The plotter knows to fill the region defined by these vertices. Therefore, shapes are defined by their vertices and not by sets of paths of a certain aperture size, as is historically done with Gerber. Also, there will not be an aperture list in Microwave Office Gerber files since none are needed. This format of Gerber is "true" RS-274X formatting, so any board house that claims to support the RS-274X Gerber format should be able to read Gerber files generated by Microwave Office.

Click the link below for information on the Gerber RS-274X format is available from Ucamco, the owners of the Gerber file format:

RS-274X Gerber File Format