The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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Starting on March 8th 2021, technical support for AWR products was migrated to the standard Cadence support process.   This page is a collection of topics to help AWR product customers through this transition.

Please follow these instructions to register and submit support cases.  Menu commands like Help > Interactive Support have been superseded by this submission process.

Students should email University Support for AWR products related questions.

Please watch this short video introducing the Cadence Online Support system.  Cadence Online Support

Registering on Cadence Learning and Support Portal

Each customer will need to sign up for a  Cadence account to get support, if you have not done so previously.    

Each individual user needs to register and agree to the terms of use.  Setting up one account that is shared by employees at a company is not allowed.   

Please start that process here:

Find the Register Now link as shown below.  

Finding your Support HOSTID

When you register, the HOSTID of the license file you use is the key to knowing if you company has support.  

The text on the webpage when registering will be similar to "Enter your Cadence License Server Host ID or the Reference Key or LMS Key provided by your software provider."

Floating License

If you are using a floating license, you can use the Help > About menu from the AWR Design Environment to get this value.   In the dialog box that comes up (shown below), your HOSTID will be the number shown below after the SN:

This value must be 12 hexadecimal digits long.  If not, then this is not your HOSTID and you are either using a locked license, using a version 13 or older floating license file, or your license file is an AWR issued license file.  In these cases, you need to determine the HOSTID of your floating license server to be able to register.  

Locked License

If you are using a locked license, you will need to get a special access key from AWR.   This access key was emailed separately in a communication that referenced the AWR Product Support Change.

If you lost this email, there are several methods to obtain this information.  

Log onto the AWR downloads site:   

Your COS HOSTID will be listed on your download page. 

Contact Cadence Support

See Cadence Support.  

The methods mentioned on the Cadence Support can be used directly to establish your correct HOSTID.  

Contact your regional sales manager:

Multiple Licenses: Both Locked and Floating

Your company might have both locked and floating licenses.   You can register with either HOSTID to get support.   Please use the procedure described under Floating License, above to determine which license you are using.   

Host ID Change

Your host ID might change over time; e.g. if your license type changes from locked to floating, or if your floating license server is changed to a different machine. If you are prompted for a new host ID when logging into COS with an email address and host ID that worked previously, please use the information above to find your current host ID, and use that.   

How to submit Support Questions in Cadence Systems

After you have registered for your new account you can now log into the support system and file support cases.    You accomplish this by: 

Logging into the Cadence Support and Learning Portal. This step assumes you have already setup your account in the previous sections.  

Find the menu item to submit a case.

Select the AWR product.

 Type in your problem description.  As you do, potential solutions will display as Suggested Answers on the page. 

If none of the answers solve your problem, click the Continue Creating a Case button on the bottom of the page.

The next page allows you to complete the information needed to create a support case including adding AWR projects to help expedite an answer.

When done, click the Submit Case at the bottom of the page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I am used to sending email to to get support, when will this end?  

Answer:  On March 8st 2021, you will need to submit cases through the new method.  If you send email directly to the email address above, an auto-reply will ask you to submit your case via the Cadence Learning and Support Portal.   

Question:  How do I know if I am using a locked or floating license?

Answer:  As described above, select the menu command Help >About, and check the value after SN:. If the number is 12 hexadecimal digits, you are using a floating license.  Otherwise, you are using a locked license.

With the AWR software running, select File > License > Configuration.  From the dialog that comes up, click the Set Location button.

If the License file/server: field uses the port@server syntax (shown below), then you are using a floating license. 

If this field is blank or is a path to a specific file on your computer (shown below), then you are using a locked license. 

Question:  My company has both a locked and floating license, which HOSTID should I use?  

Answer:  This is strictly up to you.  We recommend using the procedure above to determine which type of license you are using to run the AWR software as a guide to help simplify the decision process.   

Question:  Will the AWR phone support number change?

Answer:  Yes, AWR product support will follow standard Cadence support processes.  Please see Cadence Support

Question:  I am a university student, how do I get support?

Answer:  Use the AWR KnowledgeBase to look for answers (  If you cannot find an answer, send email to

Question:  What will happen to the the E-learning material?

Answer:  Users will access E-Learning the same way they always have for now. If this changes, we will document the new procedure for accessing the content.

Question:  What will happen the current AWR Knowledgebase (

Answer:  The content from the AWR KB has been migrated to the Cadence Online Support system.  The AWR KB will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  The content will be synchronized between the two locations. 

Question:  Who should I contact if I cannot figure out my company's HOSTID?

Answer:  Please contact Cadence Support

Question:  Where can I learn more about what to expect during the registration process?

Answer:  Please see Cadence Online Support Registration

Question:  Who should I contact if I am having password issues on the website?

Answer:   The answer depends on the issue you are having:

  1. If you didn't receive email, please check any spam folders or services in place in you company. During the registration process, email will be sent from
  2. If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password link on the login page.  
  3. If you cannot create a password, please check the guidelines closely for rules on your password. 
  4. Please see: Cadence Online Support System Errors for other possible errors.    

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