The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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Your Product Information

For customers using Locked licenses, our Account Information page provides a list of products you own, their maintenance status, and the registered users associated with your Account. You can also download your license files from this page. Please use your username/password sent to you when you registered with the AWR downloads site.  

For customers using Floating licenses, the same information is not available to each user, you can ask your license administrator about which products your own.   

Install/Licensing Information

Install GuideLatest Install guide for the AWR Design Environment.

As AWR is transitioning to use Cadence systems and processes, the license files issued are different.  See How is a Cadence license different from an AWR one for license file differences and License and Download Changes for details on what type of license you have.  

Please see Where can I get the latest FLEXLM utilities for the AWRDE to find the tools needed to setup and run a floating license server. 

Please see How do I get a new license file for customer and academic users when their license files have or are about to expire.  

The AWR product License Troubleshooting helps you figure out licensing problems by asking a series of questions to narrow down a specific licensing problem. 

The license FAQ is the landing page for all licensing related questions. 

Technical Resources

Please see Getting Started with the AWR Software to help you get a license, get the software installed, and find technical resources to get you started. 

The Getting Started Guide is accessible within the AWRDE by choosing Help > Getting Started. This is a great way to learn how to use the software.  If you prefer a printable version, see our Documentation page. 

You can also visit our Getting Started with AWR Software Playlists page which provides basic videos on helping you get started with the software. 

The Quick Reference Guide is accessible within the AWRDE by choosing Help > Quick Reference. This is a great reference of frequently used shortcuts. This guide is also available on our Documentation page.  

Please see the article AWR Product Support for details on how to submit support case for on maintenance customers.   

Many resources are available from the AWR Design Environment Knowledge Base. Use the search capability to quickly locate help information for your topic.

See Release Notes to see the What's New guides for the last few releases. 

The E-Learning Portal provides access to self-paced modular training videos for both new and proficient users.

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