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There are several symptoms of this problem

  1. When ever you open an AWR project, the software automatically crashes.

  2. When ever you add a new graph to a new project, the software crashes.

  3. Copy and pasting to other programs (such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, etc) doesn't work.

  4. Crash when opening or working in the layout, EM structure
  5. Crash when viewing a 3D graph or 3D Layout or 3D EM.
  6. Crash while viewing 3D annotation such as 3D Antenna Pattern, EM Current and E-Fields
  7. AWRDE UI not looking normal
  8. Graphs Do Not Copy and Paste Properly into Other Applications such as into a Word or Power Point document in that the pasted graph looks different than the original graph.


The problem occurs when a video driver returns a physical size of 0. We have found several newer video cards return a zero physical size when a computer is hooked up to a projector. Internally at AWR, we saw this problem in a very old version of our software when connected to a projector and it has been fixed since then. The only outstanding issue is that when your video card is in this mode, you will no longer be able to copy and paste from AWR to another application. Since currently, this problem is only occurring when hooked to a projector, this should not affect a significant number of users. We have created a utility to check your video driver settings in the attached zip file. If you think you are having these problems, please download this file, unzip the file, and then double click on the file named VideoTest.exe . It will list many features of your video card. If the first two entries, the HORZSIZE and the VERTSIZE are zero, then you have this issue.


Video Card Test