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Get the Software

AWR Design Environment platform V16 is available for download from the Downloads site.

Read about the New Features

Read the comprehensive What's New document. This guide also ships in the software (Help > What's New).

Important Announcements

See AWR Version 16 Licensing Changes for details on migrating from V15 to V16 licensing.  Refer the the Migrations Issues section of the What's New Document (Help > What's New) for changes in V16.

New in the AWR Design Environment

  • Improved Python Interface: AWR Design Environment API intelligent code completion. See Python.
  • Version Control Integration: Enables large group design projects by managing AWR Design Environment documents with version control software.

New in AWR Microwave Office

  • Dynamic Voiding, Smoothing, and Automatic Net Connectivity Extraction: New layout modes and tools that facilitate net management on large designs.
  • Robust Simplex Optimizers: Enhanced Simplex optimizers with variable step size.
  • Multi-Version Process Library (PDK) Support: Use multiple version of a PDK in the same project.
  • Job Scheduler Enhancements: Support for multiple remote queues and per EM document remote queues.
  • Parallel and Remote Circuit Simulation: Run long circuit simulation or optimization jobs in parallel, either locally or remotely.
  • Interoperability with Allegro and Virtuoso Platforms: Create and analyze RF/microwave IP in AWR Microwave Office and share schematic and layout with Virtuoso and Allegro platforms. This is a limited release feature.
  • Remote Linux EM Simulations: Run a remote Cadence® AWR® AXIEM® 3D planar EM or Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM software simulation on a Linux LSF cluster.
  • AWR AXIEM Data Set Size Reduction: Exclude de-embedding network data from data sets.
  • Analyst Simulator Improvements: Various solver improvements.
  • Clarity 3D Solver Integration: Integration of the Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver enables direct simulation of 3D EM structures from within the AWR Design Environment platform. This is a limited release feature.
  • Celsius Thermal Solver Integration: Run thermal analysis directly on structures created in the AWR Design Environment platform. This is a limited release feature.

New in VSS

  • Layout Trace Interconnect Modeling: Model linear interconnects in AWR VSS.
  • RF Amplifier Power Saturation Improvements: Improved modeling of RF amplifiers operating in saturation.
  • Frequency Multiplier Amplitude and Spur Level Improvements: Improved modeling of RF multipliers operating in saturation.
  • APSK Modulation: Support for generic and DVB-S2 and CCSDS communication standards.
  • New LDPC Encoding Schemes: Support for LDPC codes used in 5G NR (NSA and SA), DVB-S2, Wireless LAN, and other standards .
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